Tamira lewinsky

Heey Im Tamira!. I love Diggy and Im a jetsetter and a Fan of Mindless Behavior and Im a #brimBabe,#DiorDoll and Im part of #TeamFresh and I love Issa and I l pretty much like everyone lol Hope you like my page and nicki minaj is one of my Biggest Inspirations I love her well Tamira be the name dont ask me how I got it lol Im really random to well thats the basic facts about me-Asalamlakuum

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Tyga- Diced Pineapples

best song off well done 3. so good Love this song <3

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"Wale- ” Took My heart away from money I aint interested in fame, & I pray that never change, Ambition is priceless is something thats in your veins and I put the on my Name.”"

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